The human brain is consists of tissue, this tissue plays an important role in the human brain. White matter is also a type of tissue in the human brain, but what it is?

What is White Matter?

White matter is part of the central nervous system that is mostly made up of myelinated axons, also called tracts. It is also the paler tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of nerve fibers (axons), Many of these nerve fibers are surrounded by a type of sheath also called myelin.

The other main component of the brain is a grey matter (pinkish tan due to blood capillaries)

white matter tissue

What is the benefit of White Matter?

White Matter affects learning and brain functions, regulate the distribution of actions potentials, acting as medium and coordinating communication between the different region of the brain.

White Matter disease

A person with white matter disease will rapidly have increasing difficulty with the ability to think, walk straight, and keep you from falling. In such condition myelin surrounded around nerve fiber breaks down.

Originally, this matter disease was considered normal. By age 60, this degeneration, termed white matter disease, is present in more than half of the population.

brain aging

Since Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) emerged in the 1980s, doctors have noticed that as we age, the white matter present in our brain get’s degenerate.

Symptoms of White Matter disease

Most of this symptoms of this matter disease don’t appear until the disease has become more advanced. This symptom be a miner in the beginning.

Symptoms of white matter disease are:-

  • Hard to learn or remember anything.
  • Depression
  • Issue with balancing
  • Walking slow
  • Unable to perform multiple tasks at the same time, like talking while walking.
  • Mood swing
  • In some cases leaking urine.


Due to advances in technology such as medical imaging have made this matter easier to spot.

Many people with this matter disease go to their doctor complaining of balance problems. In such condition doctors mostly suggest having an MRI.


A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test, which takes pictures of inside of your brain. can show any damage. Changes to this matter will show up more bright in color (Doctor call this “hyperintense”) on MRI scan.


If you’re experiencing any symptoms of this matter disease, then it’s important to have a discussion with your family doctor. There are many treatments available that can help to slow down or manage your symptoms.