We are struggling with many health ailments we have to find a way through which we feel relax and calm.

Life is so hustle-bustle we not able to take time for our own health late we have to face the consequence of it.

I have one ancient method through which we can solve our health issues by giving much time to it.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi chuan or Tai chi is an ancient exercise that belongs to China’s. This exercise is mainly used for both defense training and health.

Tai chi exercise benefits both physical and emotional. Even Taichi’s effect on health like it reduce anxiety & depression and improve cognition thinking.

A Tai Chi Belief into two system Qi and Yin Yang

Qi: – It is an energy force that passes throughout the body. The practice of tai chi clears the obstruction so qi should flow.

Yin and Yang: – It is an opposing element between good and bad. Following tai chi make your thought stable

It even reduce the chronic health ailments like fibromyalgia.

Tai chi makes our minds stronger so we can focus better and improve the immune system. The regular practice of Tai chi helps us to stay younger even we grew older.

In Chinese, tai chi means “Supreme Ultimate.”

Tai chi excerise

Tai-chi Types

There are five types of training involve in tai-chi are as follows

Taolu:– It is a series of pre-defined movement. In the earlier day, it was a use for combat it helps to achieve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Neigong:-It is an also set of series in this exercise it mainly focuses on Chinese breathing, meditation, and spiritual practice.

Qigong:-The Qigong use for codinating with the body posture and movement,breathing and mediation.It is focus on slow flowing rhytmic breathing and calm the state of mind.

Tuishou:-This exercise is called pushing hands,It will help you to respond properly to external stimuli using the several principles.Total 8 principle are used in tuishous.

Sanshou:- It is also called Chinese kickboxing, It based on traditional Kung fu and modern techniques


Tai-chi as number of benefits on health we will list few benefits you can take from the exercises

Muscle Strength & Flexibility

– Regular practice of tai-chi improves the upper and lower body strength. It even makes a strong back and abdomen. You can even achieve flexibility.

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Reduce Stress

– According to the research, they found that the person who follows tai-chi exercised stress-related issues was reduced.

In tai-chi execersies incude meditation and focused breathing.That help you to low down stress and improve the mood if you are depressed.

It has a slow and mindful breath which makes a positive impact on the nervous system.

Improve Fibromyalgia

Tai-chi helps you to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. In the 2018 research was made and it clearly says 52 weeks of a regular practice of tai chi reduce the symptoms.

Better Sleep

Tai chi can improve sleeps quality. Researchers made research and they found that the person who having anxiety issues if they practice tai-chi regularly then it improved the sleep quality and reduces anxiety.

Even it improve sleep quality in older adults with cognitive dementia.

Improve Cognitive

-Through the study researcher found that cognitive thinking can be improved by the practice of tai chi.

They have tested on a group of Chinese people who follow the tai chi they found results outstanding compare to non- practice.

In healthy older adults tai chi will improve their congitive thinking.

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Tai chi is ancient excersise which is follow world-wide. It help you to reduce anxiety,depression and chronic health issues.

This exercise effect on both physical and mental health.

If you are a beginner you can take classes or do exercise under the supervision of an expert.

Even you practice tai-chi at home as a beginner you will feel some aches in staring interval.