People usually say eat a banana. Ever you think why all are saying to eat banana what is the reason behind it. So I’ll try to explain to you what type of Nutrients is there. Advantage & Disadvantage of eating Banana.

Bananas fact

Banana Fact

Banana is the fruit that grows in all seasons. That has a different type of diversity like a variable in size, color, and firmness. It grows in a cluster, Biological Botany name is Musa. It has two species

  • Musa acuminata,
  • Musa balbisiana

The hybrid type of banana species names it is Musa × paradisiaca.

Nutrition fact

Amount Per 1 medium (7″ to 7-7/8″ long) (118 g)
Calories 105
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.4 g0%
Saturated fat 0.1 g0%
Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g
Monounsaturated fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Sodium 1.2 mg0%
Potassium 422.4 mg12%
Total Carbohydrate 27 g9%
Dietary fiber 3.1 g12%
Sugar 14 g
Protein 1.3 g2%
Vitamin A1%Vitamin C17%
Vitamin D0%Vitamin B-620%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Benefits of eating

A yellow curvy shape fruit carries a lot of vitamins, potassium, magnesium and many more thing which is necessary for body growth. I’ll explain to you five benefits of eating it.


Banana has two types of vitamins like vitaminB6 and vitamin C.

Vitamin B6 can help to increase the red blood cells, It can help you to prevent from depression, Cause of depression is decreasing high blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine even the deficiency of vitaminB6 can cause Anemia.

Vitamin C contains an antioxidant property that can improve the immunity system, It protects the body against cell and tissue damage, it even prevents from causing cancer. VitaminC stimulates the serotonin level.

Manganese can help you to improve skin cells. It can even lower the blood sugar level. with the help of manganese, it increases the density of bone.

Digestion and weight loss

Bananas are high in fiber, which is of two types Insoluble Fiber and Soluble Fiber.

Soluble fiber helps to reduce belly fat, it has beta-glucan and glucomannan which control digestion.

If you are consuming soluble fiber food then there is less a chance of getting belly fat.

Cardiovascular Health

Eating bananas can reduce the chance of heart health issues because it contains potassium and sodium, which help you to lower blood pressure.

Best for Athletes

A person who indulges themself in physical activity should eat bananas regularly because of its high fiber and low-calorie content. It is also a source of good carbohydrate and gives you the energy required.


Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, we have seen how bananas can help you to improve your health, Now we should even note the disadvantages of bananas.

High Fiber

If the quantity of soluble fiber is more than a recommendation then it can cause digestive issues.


Consume of unripe banana can cause constipation issues because it contains high starch, so whenever you eat bananas check it ripe or not.


Hyperkalemia is a condition where the potassium level is high. That person may feel like nausea, uneven pulse rate, and muscle weakness.


We have seen how banana can help our body to sustain against all types of health issues, banana is good for health for sure but we should not intake that much. For better information, you can consult a nutritionist so they can give you better suggestions on what to eat.


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