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These time scientist claimed this method is more accurate then the current PCR diagnostic test.

Researcher in Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea Seoul claimed there new test kit for covid-19 can detect infection in 30 minutes.

They claimed these method is more accurate then the current PCR diagnostic test.

Researcher claimed these diagnostic test kit can be developed within a week. According to there research published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

These test kit produce nucleic acid binding reaction to show fluorescence only when COVID-19 RNA is present in person.

Using these process virus can be discovered in infected person much faster without any preparation process with high sensitivity in very short period of time.

Researcher found in these new kit SARS COVID-19 RNA the cause of COVID-19 infection. Can be shown under 30 minutes using these kit. Moreover, five pathogenic virus and bacterial RNAs were detected which proved the kit is functioning properly according to researchers.

The current most used PCR molecular test currently used for COVID-19 diagnosis, has very high accuracy of result but it takes complex process of preparation to extract or refine virus. So, they consider these kit can be that solution.

These method is fast and simple diagnostic technology which can accurately analysis the RNA sample without having to treat a patient’s sample, said POSTECH Professor Jeong Wook Lee.


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