Nowadays everyone uses smartphones for doing all kinds of stuff like Facebook, Instagram, and Social Networking Application, Banking App and many more other Applications.

In these what happens because of using all the applications we get lots of distraction from the application whenever we get a notification we took out our mobile phone to see what is it. A one second of notification that can waste your valuable time, later we regret.

Even you can relate how we get distracted easily whenever we get to receive useless notifications on our cellphones to check what was it, we break the focus which we had made.

After that, it’s very hard to make a concentrate. So, we have lost our time after that we regret it.

No more regret to overcome this problem we have a solution for you, which can help you to save your valuable time.


When do we say distraction what means it?

Distraction is the term when we are not able to focus on our desired goal. Some interesting things grab your attention and suddenly you get distracted.

So now how we can escape it? and focus on our goal.

To solve this problem I have something for you my reader’s
I’ll suggest you download an application on your mobile phones application name is “Forest” which is developed by Seekrtech

forest demo app

For Android use this link


For AppStore use this link


For Chrome Browser extension use this link


Features of this application

In this application, the user needs to set the timer how long they want to concentrate Minimum 10 minutes maximum of 180 Minutes.
After setting timer use need to keep their mobile aside and concentrate on work, study or any other thing which require focus

If you close the application or you are using any other application in the middle of the timer the Cedar tree will die and you will able to grow a tree ultimately you lose your focus.

From the forest menu, you check your timeline and how your forest looks at how the forest has been grown. Even You can set tags and notes whatever things you have done like

  • Overview
  • Work
  • Study
  • Social
  • Rest
  • Entertainment
  • Other
  • Sport

Even you will get point how long you had concentrate and days have been completed. From the collected points, you can unlock different tree species and sound effects.

Features of Pro Version

Forest App comes with two different types Free and Pro Version. Pro version has more features compared to the free version.

  • Pro version is able to sync all over the multiple devices without losing achievement.
  • You can share your achievement with your friend that can boost you to focus more.
  • From the point which has collected, you can contribute to plant real trees.
  • Whitelist the specific application which you require for learning. Otherwise, the plant will get killed.
  • Detailed Statistics through this you will know how you utilize your time.
  • Custom Tags you can set to get more specific details for the future .
  • No ads

Building Real Forest

The point which you gain while using an application so you can contribute to building a new forest. Organization Trees.org Till today 602,913 has been planted everyday number is getting the update. we hear the news of global warming many other environmental issues. Aa human gesture we need to support this movement.


So using this application, you can not only save your valuable time even you utilize time to be productive. even it prevents from smartphone distraction , procrastination .if you are using the application properly then there is a high chance you can focus on your things which you want to get it done. Both the version all better if you want extra features then you can upgrade.
Thin Coin which you gain from using this application It uses to help to build a Real Forest. It is regulated by tree.org even you can donate money.