Every naive programmer wants to be a sophisticated programmer. They see around them how the expert programmer completes their project or somebody had created amazing an application or software which impacts a lot in the market that gives you the motivation to make something that changes people perceptive around you. So I’ll let you know how you can really do that.



Many times we had tried to improve our programming skill but we fail it’s just last for a week after that again the same routine. So to solve this I have something for you.if you follow the few key points for sure you can notice the improvement.

Develop something

This is an important part of programming what happens exactly the naive programmer just enters into this fantasy while learning makes sure that you don’t just learn to the code after learning try to implement skill on the application which needs to develop.

Leverage the time-tracking applications

If you use any time tracker application while learning skill it will help you lot. This will track how much time you had spent while developing skill and it will make a record. After seeing this you will get to know how you perform. if you are able to spend 3-hour daily on programming mean after 1 month you had spent 3 x 30 = 90 hours a month. after 6 months your level will get improve to use the time tracker application you can use the Forest app.

Read The Documentation

If you are a beginner then watching video tutorial is good till at some point after that you need to use documentation of programming language which gives you a better brief about certain topics even tutorial video don’t cover some part which you require in later part. try to use documentation it will give you good knowledge.


Try to attend the local meetup, seminar which is regard coding, you just need to simply search on google nearby event or make a community which is interested in programming from this medium you can share your knowledge to others, learn something new from them.

Earn from your skill

After developing skills try to sell your skill in the market Similarly it will boost your confidence and you will get to know about a real-life situation.after getting pay your level of confidence will high next time even you can take the big projects.


Every developer wants to be a successful programmer. It required lots of effort they need to be disciplined, confidence. then only they can achieve even if they follow some key point which I have shared with you they can see the change in themself.