After the failure of the oxford vaccine trial, everyone eagers to know what going to happen next.

Have you ever thought why our body not identify that virus and take action to themself without having a vaccine?

To know that first we have to understand how our body response to pathogen and how our immunity system works.

COVID-19 virus

As you thought these covid pandemic not going to under control unless there is a vaccine.

Even many laboratory is trying to develop vaccine but it take almost a year to available for people in most best case. Which is really frustrating.

So, Before jumping on how the vaccine is developed we have to understand how our immune system works.

How does the immunity system work?

Our immune system has two main prongs: innate and adaptive immunity. but the key player here is the adaptive part.

Adaptive system response to thing which make us sick like pathogens. So, we can not get sick again with that same virus.

What is the role of vaccine?

Vaccine basically is fully fledge information about virus. It helps our Immunity system to get ready before that virus caught us.

The information vaccine provide to our immunity system is virus structure, behaviour, DNA structure, etc. Just to give picture of that virus.

Our immunity do have eye to see these is a virus or body cells. So, from vaccine it figure it out what kind of protein is being used in that virus.

So, next time when any pathogen enters our body it knows what to do and how to recover from that virus before it make any damage to our body or organs.

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How immunity system works?

immunity stop virus

Any protein that our immune system identifie as worthy of action is what we call an antigen.

And the cell which responds when antigens are identified is a type of white blood cell called lymphocytes.

Each lymphocyte identifies antigens through the antigen receptor. But you’re thinking about how our immune system has antigen receptor to a protein which it has never seen.

Here the main functioning of immunity system seem, It is kind a guess work where it recognize the behaviour of the protien in our body.

Basically your body develop billions trillions of lymphocytes with little different receptor which lock on to particular antigen.


After identifying it start cloning and cloning into army of two type of cells.

First is the effector cells that make virus neutralize or kill the infected cell to prevent the virus from replicating.

There main role is to knock out virus before any damage it make to our body.

Second is memory cells which store information about that virus for year. So, in future if that virus again try to enter in body our immunity system already have complete information about that viruses.

How to improve immunity system?

To increase the process of identifing pathogens and developing white blood cells.

We can take some measure to help our immunity system to fast develop lymphocytes

Having nutrious food like green vegetables and fruits which is rich in vitamin, minerals.

Doing regular excercise check out recent post to get to know best excercise to fit you.

These is the main role of our immunity system where developing these two type of cells takes so much time.