One fine day you just scroll your Facebook profile you have noticed that a few years back you were lean, no chubby, weight increased much your appearance was far better than now.

Suddenly you start thinking about what the heck happened? I was not like that before, I have to stop this anyhow.

We Understand your concern and we will try to cover everything so you can reduce fat from your body, Before this, you should know about body composition.

What is Body-Composition?

The body is mainly composed of water, protein, minerals, and fats. Body Composition is bifurcate into two model

  • Fat component
  • Fat-Free component

It’s again bifurcate into two parts

Essential Fat:- Essential Fat is important for the body to function properly. Essential fat is found in the bone marrow, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, muscles even in the central nervous system.

According to source Female has more essential fat compare to male.

Storage Fat:- The storage fat is also we called Non-essential fat, This fat accumulates in Adipose tissue is called storage fat, Storage fat is surrounded by internal organs.

It is used as an insulator to conserve body heat.

What is Muscle Mass?

Muscle mass consists of soft muscle tissues in the body. The percentage of fat mass determinants of several factors. There are three types of muscle are as follows

  • Skeletal Muscle — Throughout the body
  • Smooth Muscle — Internal Organs
  • Cardiac Muscle — Heart Muscle

How to calculate fat-mass? 

The method to calculate fat-free mass is to subtract total body weight to the essential fat, after that that weight is left will be your fat-mass

You can even use this to website to check fat percentage Ace Fit.

There are several measurement techniques through you can check as follows

  • Underwater weighing
  • Whole-body air displacement plethysmography
  • Near-Infrared interaction
  • Bio-electrical impedance analysis
  • Anthropometric methods
  • BMI
  • Ultrasound
  • Skinfold methods
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
  • Body average density measurement

How much fat percentage should be?

Percent Body Fat Norms for Men and Women
Essential Fat10-13%2-5%

Calculate Fat-Free body weight in both lbs and kg

To Calculate Fat-Free Mass Index you can refer to this Through this website, you can check your fat index in both lbs and kg

calculate fat

If you want to calculate manually that also you can do using formula

For Kilo Gram (Kg)

Total Body Fat = Weight in Kg * (body fat % / 100)

For Libra Balance Scales (LBS)

 Total Body Fat = Weight in lb * (body fat % / 100)

Average fat-free body weight

To check average fat body weight varies from age

Age-Range Fat Percentage Range %
18 – 2014.3 – 20.2
21 – 2515.4 – 21.2
26 – 3016.4 – 22.3
31 – 3519.2 – 23.4
36 – 4020.2 – 25.6
41 – 4521.3 – 22.8
46 – 5023.9 – 27.7
51 – 5525.0 – 28.7
56 & UP26.0 – 30.8

How to reduce a fat from body?

I have above mention about our body composition how it’s composed.

So, to reduce fat from the body we have to do a few things which will cut down fat and improve the muscles.

There are several ways to reduce fats from like Nutritious food, No to junk food, Physical workout, and many other factors also include.

Nutritious Food:- Regular consumption of nutritious food will improve the health conditions because contains all kinds of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates that require daily body needs.

Even make sure that whatever you eat or drink just needs to know the count of calories.

If your calorie count is more than requirement then for sure your bodyweight will get gain ultimately fat start accumulate in the body.

That’s a reason you have to follow perfect diet according to your body needs.

You can even follow Diet plans like the keto diet, golo diet or consult with your Nutritionist

What is a Ketogenic Diet? Here’s Everything a Beginner should know.

Physical Activity:- This is also important with having healthy food this will also help you to improve your body composition

Regular activity of exercise will control obesity even reduce the number of health ailments like CVD’s, Hypertension, type2 diabetics stress, and many other ailments

According to American Heart Association recommends an in a week 5 to 7 days and 30 minutes.

Which Physical Exercise should do for better health? 

Additional Factors:- There are several factor which affect on body compositions.

In hustle-bustle we all stay in heavy deadlines due to that we are not able to sleep properly, we work till late night heavy alcohol consumption

This is few factor’s also responsible for your body weight gain.It’s better to take control ASAP.


If you want to have a fat-free body first check your fat percentage in your body how much you want to need to reduce or improve as per your age range.

You can check check fat through many tools which is listed above.

There are numbers of benefits of low fat like Weight Balance, Personal Appearance will improve, type 2 diabetic under control, hypertension, and many other ailments too.

Try to follow the proper diets, regular physical activity enough sleep.

If you having any doubts regarding diet plans or any other thing you should consult with doctors.