Why vocabulary is important to do you ever know? what impact vocabulary can do to improve your communication skills. Many times we want to say a word but we don’t say the reason is simply that we don’t know what to use at the moment. We get confused someone used vocabulary which we never hear this moment is very embarrassing. So I’ll share with you something which most of them don’t know.


First of all, ask yourself what is vocabulary? In my term vocabulary is nothing it is a simple list of a word which we use to communicate with each other. So we just need to top up our minds with vocabulary. How to do it? Simply search google word coach


This is feature belongs to google in these it has 5 sets of questions few will be image or word.

The player needs to choose the correct option from the given. if the answer is right a player will get a point but the answer is wrong no problem it will not reduce the point. After completing a set of questions there will be a review.

In the review section, you can check why the answer is wrong which you had selected. After tapping on the wrong answer. It will show the exact meaning of a word with an example also divided into three parts

  • What is the meaning of a word?
  • How the word is similar?
  • How the word is different?

Through this, you can get to know what is the meaning, what was the difference even with the example so it’s less chance to understand the vocabulary.

You can play a game on tapping the Next round button. In these next attempts, you get again a chance to tackle a question if you were able to select the correct answer you will get 500 bonus points.

As a level increase, the questions got tougher you need to tackle it But it worth to give a chance and improve your vocabulary list.

Although it just supports on google chrome browser of the android device. But I have the alternative for other users they can refer Magoosh vocabulary builder

Alternative Options


This feature is good for every individual who wants to improve their vocabulary skill make sure to use this feature for sure. It helps lots of people including me. It just has the problem it’s only supported on google chrome browser of android based. However, if a person uses this feature regularly they can see improvement in a few days.