daily protein intake for your muscle growth

Have you ever wonder working out so hard in gym still your muscle not growing and your coach always suggest you to increase your protein intake.

But most of them never tell you how much do i increase my protein intake to grow my muscle like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Before jumping further let understand why do our muscle requires protein to show there power.

Why protein is require to grow muscles

The growth of muscle is known as Muscle Hypertrophy which occur when you increase strain on your muscle by pushing your limits on gym.

When your muscle fiber break, body repairs fiber by fusing them, which increase the mass and size of the muscles.

Protein is essential to repair that fiber and except it, certain other hormones play important role in growth of muscle like testosterone, human growth hormones, and insulin growth factor play important role in muscles growth.

How long does it take for muscle growth?

Result start showing on beginning of 4 week from joining gym and more noticeable result will start showing after 12 week but most important is providing required protein and rest to your muscle.

What if you not wanted to take gym membership and interested to grow your muscles at home.

Here exercises that will help you in your goal of muscle growth and give you good result in less time.

We recommend regularly perform these exercises on regular basis except 1 of week to give sufficient rest to your body.

  • Running (Around 4 to 5 miles)
  • Stretching (To relax your muscles)
  • Squat (20 sets multiple time)
  • Normal Push-ups (20 sets multiple time)
  • Incline Push-ups (15 sets multiple time)
  • Decline Push-ups (15 sets multiple time)
  • Walking Lunges (15 sets multiple time)
  • Tricep dips (10 sets multiple time)

While performing these exercises do not forget to take proper rest and essential protein and other nutrient.

How muscle protein require to grow muscle


Protein is essential for your development of muscles. But sufficient protein intake is more important then doing workout.

It shown that if you doing regular exercise but not taking sufficient protein you not just doing workout but also breaking your muscles.

Regular rest like proper high quality sleep atleast 8 hours and sufficient protein is way important then doing just workout.

So, how much protein require to full fill my body to repair my muscles fiber and growth of muscles.

It is recommended a person should take atleast 1 grams of protein per pound of weight. And this amount increase to 1.5 grams to get leans mass in your body.

So, if your body weight is around 60 kilo then around 60 to 70 grams protein required to full fill your needs and after 8 to 12 week of regular workout these protein should be increased from 80 to 90 grams.

Where do i get these much amount protein naturally to full fill my needs.

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