Pronunciation plays a very important role in communicating with each other. if the pronunciation is not proper and clear then its very hard to express what we want to say. Many times we read a sentence but we are not able to pronounce it, some time way of pronunciation is different from what we study. If we are not able to pronounce sentences correctly then we get a response “what ?” this embarrassing a lot.


So I’m sharing with you a unique way to improve pronunciation which can really help us to pronounce a word in the correct manner.

This tool had been developed by google developers. To access this feature you need to type “how to pronounce any word which you need “


After that, it will show you how to read a sentence, even it has lips synching type of GIF

You need to click or press on the speaker button to get a voice sample this will give you an idea of how it will sound, through playing GIF video you can copy the way she speaks, even you can change a pace of voice sample. It has two voice pattern

  • Normal
  • Slow

You can use anyone and it depends upon you.

Even it has three different types of pronunciation.

  • Indian English Pronunciation
  • British Pronunciation
  • American Pronunciation

From above all these American pronunciation has a unique and extra feature to use. In this user can practice, just need to touch on the practice button, it will ask for mic permission you need to grant it. After that, you need to pronounce it.

If you are able to succeed it will show a Good Job! otherwise, if you failed it will highlight the word which you not able to pronounce properly after that it will guide you on how to clear that mistake. Next thing you can hear your own recorded voice clip so you know how it sounds.

pronunciation fail result

This feature work on chrome Browser, for American voice practicing you need to do on the mobile phone.


This may solve the problem of pronunciation and it will give you the confidence to speak any word without any hesitation, take the leverage of google tools to improve yourself.

Is it work on all browsers?

No, it requires google chrome.

Can I use the practice option in Indian and British Pronunciations?

No, you cannot this work only for an American Pronunciation.

why I’m not able to see practice option in my Chrome Browser?

Please update your browser, if you are accessing through Desktop Chrome Browser then this option will not show.


Rohit Yadav · 16/01/2020 at 7:26 AM

Thanks a lot it really helped me.

    Vivek · 16/01/2020 at 7:28 AM

    Thank you rohit, We hope you enjoy our other post to.

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