Procrastination word that usually we listen many times even we procrastinate much, even we missed many good opportunities after missing the opportunities we realize oh god! what I have missed? Do you know the reason why we do that? how bad it is? Due to that, we cannot achieve our set goal. So I will give you a few points that may change your perspective and you can do even better.


What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the state where we tend to delay our work which we want to do.

What is the main reason for procrastination?

Time inconsistency.

Now you know what actually procrastination is, first I need to clarify over here there are two kinds of persons

  1. Lazy
  2. Procrastinator

Lazy type of person is who they don’t want to do their work, they just need to sit on a couch.

So Procrastinator is who they want to do their work but they make delay to complete it.

Now decide which type of person you are? If you are procrastinator then it’s for you if you are lazy type then it not for you even you want to read you can.

Five key points you need to note it to improve yourself.

Set Deadline

Whatever your doing in your life always sets a deadline, this is a very important factor. if you are not fixing your deadline it tends more that you will procrastinate. So always make sure to keep a deadline, likely it gives you pressure to complete the task on time.

No need to be a perfectionist

Whenever you want to start any work don’t think much about yourself that I’m not good at the moment to start this first, I’ll be master in that then I’ll start. listen, buddy, this moment will never come in your life. This is a life track for sure you will learn more when you start doing.

Make a simple note

This is also an important point if you are doing your work, project any classwork always try to make a simple note in that you need clearly mention what thing you need to do first, how you want to achieve. That will give you a clear idea of what next you want to do.

Block out the Disturbance

In this hi-tech life, it’s very easy to distract anyone likely you are doing your work suddenly you get a call from your friends and he told you that I’m going to watch a new movie of “Robert Downey Jr” are you coming to see. your procrastinate mind will say after coming from the theater I’ll do but this will not happen. That’s the reason block out the unwanted kind of disturbance you can use Forest App.

Give Reward Yourself

Usually, we never give a reward ourselves after completion of work. Due to that slowly you lose your motivation to complete the task and that gives rise to procrastination. Make sure to have a reward always.


If we follow certain rules then we can escape from the procrastination phase. Life simple rule “Do it today so do it now”